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After the receipt of the goods, the quantity and the actual billing number does not match with how to deal with? - Beplay2018世界杯买球网站

All product shipments of our company will strictly record the total weight of the product single weight and delivery, so as to ensure the accuracy of the quantity to the maximum.
There may be a few problems with the number of discrepancy
1) due to the smaller size of the screw, the number of samples must be sufficient to avoid the inaccuracy of the number of samples. In addition, pay attention to the precision of the scale.
2) pay attention to the packing of the product, whether there is a problem of breakage, and it may be lost in the course of transportation.
3) whether the quantity of the product is correct and whether the weight of the product is correct and the total weight is correct, can be automatically calculated.

2016.10.10 supplement
If the customer says the number is wrong, the first step needs to be informed of the following information to the customer.
If the total weight of the goods is consistent, if it is not consistent, pay attention to the packing of the products and whether there is any breakage.
If the total weight is correct and no breakage, please refer to the previous content.

If there is any breakage, communicate with the express company immediately.


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